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Sculptors always have a wide selection of tools which he or she feels most comfortable using. In fact, we have lots of modelling and dental tools, but we use to work just with five or six of these whilst sculpting a figure. And don’t you ever forget you have some great tools stuck to the very end of your arms, most useful for the early stages.

Starting off
It’s a fact that preparation is the key to success. You have to make a good research and gather as much reference material as possible. One thing you should keep with you all the time is a book on anatomy, especially when planning the proportions of your figure. This is a crucial part of the process, so take your time, have fun, and do some investigation.
Perhaps you like the idea of having a proportionally correct photocopy of a figure and resize it depending on the scale of the piece you are going to work on. We strongly recommend to use these same resized figures for the armature planning.

An armature is just a framework that provides the basic form and proportions for your figure. It also makes the sculpt much more resistant and lets you to pose it in whatever position you require. We use two sizes of wire to make an armature: for the main part we use aluminium paper (to give volume to the thorax), after that we cover it all with fast action epoxy clay.

You can find many kinds of wire in your local shops but it all comes down to budget and preferences in the end. We use to work the character’s head and hands separately. Why? Well... these two areas need much more detailed work than the rest. Needless to say, making them individually helps to get to those hard to reach places. First of all we sculpt the head, since it is the focal point of every figure, the most important part of the kit. What does this mean? It means that nothing else matters if the head isn’t right.

For the head we use a piece of wire. We make something similar to a circle in one end, where it will be made the head. Then we cover it with epoxy clay until it gets half its intended size. This way we make a base where we should sculpt all the rest. Once the head has been sculpted, it can be attached to the main armature by cutting the brass tube to the correct length and slotting it over the neck. This way you can also pose the head and remove it if any correction is needed.